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Woods, Aqua, Amber, Pineapple, Exotics Premium Agarbatti Pack of 5


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40 Sticks in Packet Each.

Soothing agarbatti perfectly blends with your romantic mood and makes your day and evening even better.

Positivity Aura: Incense Sticks are perfect to keep your around positive aura and control tendency towards stress, anxiety, and negative thinking.

Purifying Fragrances Aura: With its spiritual properties and powerful therapeutic notes, Natural aqua helps detoxify the mind and body and cleanse the surrounding aura.

Protect from Negative Energy: The aqua notes cleanse the aura of the space, clearing off the lingering energy and making room for fresh uplifting energy, as a great stress reliever.

Presenting Family Pack – Premium Agarbatti or Fragrance Incense Sticks by “Aparna Groups”.  Agarbatti is one of the finest incense. Incense has captured the light and delicate fragrances of nature. A fragrance provides the key to unlocking the benefits of aromatherapy. The use of fragrance to create optimism or enhance mood. The use of incense longevity harmonizes the psychophysical constitution and enhances mental focus. It is preferred over aerosol air fresheners. Premium Agarbatti or Fragrance Incense Sticks brings to your home added freshness, harmony, and health. Feel the gentle and soothing presence of nature. You can instantly create moods of clarity and romance.

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